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Let E3 increase your customer base and provide your business with the financing option that smart property owners are asking for.

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Innovative Technology Platform

E3's secure portal makes it easy for you to get jobs done.

  • Pre-qualified Leads: Get instant access to approval amounts for every parcel in all of E3's participating communities, no inputs required.
  • Happy Path: Submit an application, create a proposal, and get documents signed in less than 3 minutes, without picking up the phone.
  • Pipeline: Manage jobs, to-do's, and accounting functions in one place.

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Training & Support

E3 invests in your success.

  • Home Team Advantage: E3 works in your community to support and grow your business. Local experts are available when and where you need them.
  • In Field Training: No more wasting time with webinars and eLearning videos. E3 meets you in the field and provides practical training to ensure your success.

Customized Marketing

Tired of finance companies getting between you and your customers? E3's white label marketing program keeps you in control and helps build your brand.

E3 is dedicated to helping you reach new customers.

Don't get "Co-Branded" with thousands of subprime contractors, stand out and protect your reputation.